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Personal Care & SUPPORT

Personal care refers to compassionate assistance and supervision provided to individuals in performing daily living tasks and maintaining personal hygiene. This type of care becomes increasingly important as individuals age, facing challenges related to bathing, dressing, and bathroom use.
The significance of personal care lies in its vital role in preserving the health, dignity, and quality of life of people who require compassionate and respectful assistance. By addressing personal hygiene needs, personal care is crucial in preventing illnesses, contributing to better overall physical health. Equally important, it supports mental well-being and allows service users to maintain an independent and safe lifestyle in their homes.

At Lyriq Healthcare we can Provide Personal care during visits/care-calls, which usually take place in the morning, lunchtime, teatime and evening, and can last up to an hour.

Our caregivers can extend their support beyond personal hygiene, aiding with medication reminders, cooking, cleaning, mobility assistance, and errands.

24/7 live in care

Our Live-In Care options mean one of our carers lives with you so they can provide 24-hour support throughout the day and night. As well as offering ongoing and tailored support in all areas of care, our live-in carers also give you companionship and help in everyday tasks such as meal preparation, laundry, medication support, prescription reminder, pet-care or cleaning. Most importantly, live-in care provides a higher level of care than most hospitals or supported accommodation, while also giving you more freedom and independence in the comfort of your home.

The live-in caregiver that will be assigned is carefully selected based on your care needs, personality, preferences and hobbies. We would also ensure we assign caregivers who fit your lifestyle, including whether you have pets or whether you need a caregiver with specialised training in certain medical equipment. Our live-in care service is designed to be flexible and tailored to individual circumstances and needs. Our live in care goal is to provide a compassionate and quality person centered care.




Respite care is when one of our experienced caregivers takes over your care responsibilities for a loved one for a temporary period. This could be while you are on holiday, taking a short break, or in case of emergencies. We can provide respite care for any length of time from a day to a few weeks. 

We can also provide last-minute care if there is an emergency, or if the length of respite care you need is uncertain (e.g. because of illness or injury).

Live in Care is where by a caregiver that matches your needs is assigned to you to provide care and support to you 24 hours daily.

Visiting Care is where a caregiver visits for short periods in a day, depending on the service user’s needs, this could be mornings, afternoons, teatimes and evenings. 


At Lyriq Healthcare, our team has years of combined expertise and comprehensive training in supporting individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

We strive to establish solid, enduring relationships with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients because we recognize their requirements and the difficulties that come with providing care. Our all-inclusive homecare service supports the person’s overall wellbeing, encourages freedom, and keeps an eye on their condition. We make sure that our caregivers and patients are a good fit in order to foster comfort and trust.

Our care strategies for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease must be consistent.

We don’t rearrange carers or visitation schedules unless absolutely necessary. This allows the patient to establish a routine and grow accustomed to the caregiver who is providing them with support.

Our specialised dementia and Alzheimer’s team are fully trained to deliver:

Full physical and psychological assessments of individuals needs.

Individualised ”All about me” care plan focused on your needs.

Collective and holistic approach to nutritional support.

Support in day-to-day tasks, including personal care.

Assistance in recalling information and problem solving.

Monitoring and administration of medication.

Breakaway techniques and management of violence and aggression Training.

Regular review of care plans to  cater and support changes in care needs and risk assessments.


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